I like to tackle projects around the house…from the 8-foot long DVD holder hanging on my basement wall (pics to follow!) to adding storage compartments to some of my kitchen drawers (don’t you just love your jumbled cooking utensil drawer) to small-scale landscaping projects.  I love attempting these things but sometimes they do not go as planned.  My 2 little ones are amazing helpers but sometimes, I need their daddy’s help (and MY daddy’s help).  

I love to be organized but the builder of my house…well, let’s just say I’ve had to make some improvements.  Nothing costly, but still. I’m not the best decorator (pieces have to really “speak” to me), but I try.  I like to paint and so do my little ones, especially B.  I will be posting the 3 paintings they have made, but I have to remind you that they are only 1 and 2!



July 21, 2013

“The City Never Sleeps at Night”

Bear with me here, folks, this is new to me! I can barely turn a computer on and I get the bright idea to try to start a BLOG!!!!!  As a beginner DIY-er, hopefully I will be showing y’all some of my “renovations” from around the house–I try to do these things as inexpensively as possible, with as little cussing as possible!

My boys, B and S, are my lil helpers—Daddy’s lil helpers, too.  They love power tools, any kind of electronics and paint.  After they get up from their naps, I will take pics of the paintings they did last night.  We tend to make abstract paintings, as you can see from my attempt at painting! Jackson Pollock is my favorite artist and you will be seeing his influence in upcoming entries.

Take care and come back, please!

"The City Never Sleeps at Night"

“The City Never Sleeps at Night”